Workflow Solutions for Security Operations

SysRisk applies offensive knowledge and experience to implement effective defenses. Why do anything less than what a seasoned offensive hacker would do to penetrate your systems? Do what hackers do - automate or use push alerts for repetitive tasks. For example, early stage event warnings from data leakage prevention systems (DLP) are effectively handled with email workflow integration with all major DLP platforms. SysRisk recommends Vidyatech to integrate a variety of security operations tasks to cover orchestration and automation.

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Monitoring Solutions

Before a hacker actually sends phishing mail, they perfom reconnaissance. Applying that offensive activity to a defensive move would also include triggering monitoring at different levels across multiple stack levels. SysRisk offers a solution that addresses the full stack from intrusion detection through endpoint activity recording... for a very reasonable price with great delivery quality. We also implement turn-key, remote managed pfSense solutions to secure small offices and home offices.

For more sensitive environments where confidential data or personally identifiable information may be handled, additional endpoint data leakage protection systems can be integrated with desktop activity recorders on users to securely record and store the activity for evidence, if necessary.This is another example where integration combined with event analysis and risk-based workflows applies a defensive tactic based to counter offensive insider or accidental leakage.

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Patch Workflow Solutions

This is the next part of security operations and management where tracking to completion is important to understand current vulnerability status. Patch management enhanced with push email triggers setup according to criticality for update failures or overdue patches, combined with dashboard and drill-down reporting provides more time for vulnerability and attack surface analysis.

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Advisory & Retainer

Call us if you need an effective cybersecurity professional for some limited scope work, or if you need to retain our services for ongoing monitioring and virtual CISO services. We offer security effective and cost effective solutions for all sizes of businesses that want peace of mind.

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