Workflow Solutions for Security Operations

Workflow solutions within security operations save human resources cost by reducing the time to evaluate early warning events. The time required to receive an early warning event from an internal monitoring system such as an IDS or data leakage prevention (DLP) systems, then forward the event for evaluation, respond, then close or escalate to incident takes too much time to respond to cyber attacks effectively. This is most evident when out-of-box solutions are implemented without orchestration or automation in workflow.

DashMagiq Solutions

DashMagiq Data Leakage Protection

In the above scenario, after the DLP/CASB detects a potentially non-compliant email leaving the network parameter, an alert is issued, the email is quarantined, then a security team member is informed in one step. Without automation, the security team will have to contact the reporting manager and get confirmation, then decide if the response timing is compliant. If not, contact the next level manager and obtain review and approval. Such a process could take a day, or even a couple days. With the DashMagiq orchestration and automation solution, the workflow can be customized for your specific company or industry requirements, then the security reviewer and reporting manager can be sent an alert mail simultaneously; allowing two interested parties to review the event simultaneously and respond much quicker. This would happen in minutes and reduce time spent on such an event by security staff until the events become real issues or escalated to an incident.

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