Security Operations and Management

There are not enough well trained cyber security experts to go around. That is fact. Most medium and small sized businesses cannot hire a full-time security expert. That is fact. All businesses are targets for cyber criminals. That is fact. Protect your company by engaging a full service security operations center that offers intrusion detection setup, monitoring, training, penetration testing, phishing testing, and more. SysRisk can package a solution based on your company's risk profile and business needs. The only thing between your company and a ransomware attack is the order that hackers choose their targets. The office ISP connection in most small businesses has no security or only nominal security applied, but no matter how great you firewall may be, if you are not actively monitoring and maintining awareness, you will be attacked. The success of that attack will depend on your organizations security posture. Our managed services include:

  • vCISO - A trusted, offensive-trained hacker... on your side.
  • Red Teaming
  • Phishing Tests
  • Security Operations Center Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Setup & Monitoring
  • Event Handling and Workflow Implementation

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Advisory & Retainer

Call us if you need an effective cybersecurity professional for some limited scope work, or if you need to retain our services for ongoing monitioring and virtual CISO services. We offer security effective and cost effective solutions for all sizes of businesses that want peace of mind.

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